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Huawei Watch GT 4 (46mm) review: The classy, affordable, all-inclusive smart fitness wearable

Huawei Watch GT 4

Huawei has had a solid reputation for crafting reliable and cost-effective smart activity trackers. My journey with their devices started back in the Watch GT 2 days, and I've been exploring their lineup ever since, from the Watch Fit series to the Watch 3 Pro, the brand's initial foray into the world of full-fledged smartwatches.

However, as we're all aware, Huawei's trajectory took an unexpected turn, leading them back to their roots. Fast forward to 2023, and we find ourselves face to face with the Watch GT 4. The hardware, user experience, menus, and icons largely echo the GT 3. It's reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 to Watch6, where each iteration feels more like a refined version of its predecessor. Check out the full video review below:

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Specs-wise, the GT 4 introduces a "new" TruSeen 5.5+ heart rate sensor, according to Huawei. On visual inspection, however, the sensor configuration remains identical to my GT 3 Pro. The UI has shifted to Harmony OS 4. While new watch faces and minor UI tweaks are present, the core functionality and user experience, again remain remarkably similar to the Gt 3 Pro. Huawei does claim an improved GPS array for the GT 4, boasting a 30% faster connection time. In our real-world test, the GT 4 indeed showcased a quicker GPS lock compared to the GT 3 Pro.

The Watch GT 4 features a 1.4-inch AMOLED display at 466 x 466 pixels. It might not match the brilliance of the latest offerings from Apple and Samsung, but it gets the job done.

Over a three-week testing period, encompassing activities like running, gym workouts, and sleep tracking, the GT 4 and GT 3 Pro yielded nearly identical results. Whether scrutinizing running data, heart rate zones, or tracking various metrics, the differences were marginal at best. Perhaps there really are no big sensor improvements with the GT 4, but this consistency underscores Huawei's prowess in sensor technology, offering a comprehensive suite of features on an affordable fitness smartwatch that rivals more expensive devices.

Battery life, a hallmark of Huawei's watches, remains excellent. The GT 4 continues to serve an average two-week battery life, and even with always-on display enabled, you’d get around 7-8 days of uptime.

On the downside, the GT4 really serves as a basic Bluetooth activity tracker, lacking LTE, Wi-Fi, and third-party app support of proper smartwatches. Nevertheless, it caters to a broader audience, seamlessly functioning across both Android and iOS platforms. This universality, coupled with its robust set of built-in notification features, positions the GT4 as an attractive alternative.

The larger 46mm Watch GT 4 (reviewed here) compared to the smaller 41mm Watch GT 4 design. Source: Huawei

Design-wise, the new case stands out with its angled octagonal shape, a departure from the standard circular cases of its predecessors. This design shift positions the GT 4 as a versatile accessory – equally suitable for workouts and formal occasions. However, do note that my review is based on the larger 46mm variant. The 41mm version has a more conventional feminine design with a rounded jewelry-inspired look.

A new StayFit app, introduced with the GT4, provides an innovative take on calorie tracking. Beyond the standard calorie counter, it allows users to set weight-related goals, factoring in daily activity and workout data for a more nuanced approach to diet and activity levels.

Now, the pricing. The GT 4 (46mm) starts at S$298, maintaining the same price range as its predecessor. However, the caveat lies in the strap options. Only the black edition with elastomer strap is priced at S$298, while alternative straps – the green hybrid nylon (reviewed) or leather – each command a S$50 premium. Opting for the all-metal stainless steel strap further escalates the price to S$498. Interestingly, the 41mm variants of the Watch GT 4 also start at the same price, S$298, with the same price premium increase for elastomer, leather, and metal straps.

Yes, you can just get the black version and get aftermarket straps (which fit a standard 20mm lug), but a notable nuance arises with the case design. The green version, for instance, integrates a green line into the top half of the case, while the black version maintains an all-black exterior.

The Watch GT 4 finds its sweet spot in Huawei's lineup, offering a balanced blend of price and performance. It may not cater to the extremes, such as the hardcore athlete looking for a Garmin, or the budget conscious user happy with a S$50 National Steps Challenge fitness band. But I feel it occupies a space for the majority that few devices manage to fill. Whether you're an existing Huawei user eyeing an upgrade or a newcomer seeking a reliable and stylish smart activity tracker, the GT 4 merits serious consideration.

You can get the Huawei Watch GT 4 (46mm) series starting atS$298from Huawei's official stores onLazadaandShopee. If you're interested in the Watch GT 4 41mm variant, they're available through these links instead: Lazada, Shopee.

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