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HomenewsApple iPhone 15 Singapore launch pricing and availability details

Apple iPhone 15 Singapore launch pricing and availability details

Apple iPhone 15 Singapore launch pricing and availability details

Note: This article was first published on 13th September 2023.

(Image source: Apple)

This year's launch is an interesting one. The new iPhone 15 has much more in common with the iPhone 14 Pro. Essentially, it is Apple's way of bringing some of the Pro-gradegoodness to a wider audience, but without the price bump. In fact, Apple was quick to point out that their iPhone 15 models are debuting at the same price point as the iPhone 14 counterparts. So here's what the new iPhone 15 and 15 Plus gain from the last-gen Pro models:-

Dynamic Island displayA16 Bionic processorThe 48MP main camera (though the iPhone 15 is still a dual-camera system)

Aside from borrowing key features from the iPhone 14 Pro series, here is what's new on the iPhone 15 series thanks to advances made by Apple:-

Advanced dual-camera systemSupports pixel binning tech to create quality 24MP photos from a 48MP shot2x in-sensor Telephoto zoom (thanks to computational photography using the 48MP image)Next-gen portrait photographyAluminium build with colour-infused glass back2nd-gen UWB connectivity for improved location tracking and near-field communicationsUSB-C(goodbye Lightning connector)New Qi2 wireless charging standard support +MagSafe wireless charging

Besides an improved display with the Dynamic Island, a more powerful chipset enabling better computational photography (and a Pro-level main camera),perhaps the biggest change is the charging/data connector finally says goodbye to the old Lightning port. Hello USB-C. Now, there's a high chance you can reuse existing cables and adaptersto charge other devices that you own, including many from Apple.

New Titanium build for the iPhone 15 Pro series.

Over on the iPhone 15 Pro series,Apple has focused on its cutting-edge processors to bring about new experiences and capabilities on their handsets. This year's launch hails a new Apple A17 Prochipset. It's also the first mass consumer product to jump on the 3nm manufacturing process to pack more transistors, wield a notableperformance jump, and run the processor more efficiently than its predecessors. In fact, it's so powerful, that it will herald pro-level gaming in addition to pro-level photography. Here then, are the new highlights for the iPhone 15 Pro that build on what the non-Pro boasts:-

Aerospace-grade Titanium build with textured matte glass backA17 Pro processor (with a powerful new GPU and neural processing engine)USB-C with USB 3 transfer rates (10Gbps)Action button (replaces Silent switch)ProMotion and Always-on Display tech (same as prior Pro-grade models)Pro-class tri-camera system (Only the Pro Max edition gets new 5x Telephoto camera with120mm focal length)Spatial Video capture (works swell with the Vision Pro headset)

For all the details, do check out our detailed reporting:-

All about the new iPhone 15and 15PlusWhat's really different onthe iPhone 15Pro and 15Pro Max

How good are the new phones in actual use?

There's a lot to be compared, and we'll surely scrutinisethe entire series at length inan upcoming full review. Meanwhile, here are our hands-on experience stories and videos.

iPhone 15 Pro series hands-on: Is the Titanium build any better?iPhone 15 series hands-on: Feelinglike a worthy upgrade

How about other practical considerations?

Need a summary of how the Pro and non-Pro compare, as well as practical buying considerations to help you make a choice? Here's ourApple iPhone 15 Buying Guide.

Are they more expensive?

Surprisingly, no. By and large, they are pegged at very similar prices to the iPhone 14 counterparts. When you further factor in that you get certain iPhone 14 Pro features – a powerful A16 processor, its 48MP main camera and the Dynamic Display – on the main iPhone 15 and 15 Plus models, you're actually getting much better value out of this year's iPhone 15 phones than last year's iPhone 14 models.

iPhone 15local prices compared
Model iPhone 15 iPhone 15 Plus iPhone 15Pro iPhone 15Pro Max
128GB S$1,299 S$1,449 S$1,649
256GB S$1,459 S$1,609 S$1,809 S$1,999
512GB S$1,779 S$1,929 S$2,129 S$2,319
1TB S$2,449 S$2,639

Surely the existing iPhone 14 models are going at a discount, right? Yes, the basic iPhone 14 has a revised price that now starts from S$1,149, and the Plus edition starts from S$1,299. However, with those pro-level upgrades on the iPhone 15 and other improved features, like USB-C, better wireless charging and more, our advice is to skip the iPhone 14 and get the iPhone 15for its better experience and value.

When and where can you get the new iPhone 15 models?

Unlike the rumours suggesting the Pro Max model would be coming in later, it looks like all models are available at the same time.

Pre-order & Availability Dates
iPhone 15 iPhone 15 Plus iPhone 15Pro iPhone 15Pro Max
Pre-order &Retail links 15Sept, 8pm 15Sept, 8pm 15Sept, 8pm 15 Sept, 8pm
Retail availability 22Sept 22Sept 22Sept 22Sept

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