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Amazon Prime Day Singapore: Best STEM and coding toy deals for kids (Oct 2023)

Amazon Prime Day Singapore: Best STEM and coding toy deals for kids (Oct 2023)

Just in time for the year-end school holidays, there are plenty of Amazon Prime Day Singapore deals on the best STEM toys for kids to shop now.

With offers going up to 50% off, this is also a great opportunity to do some early Christmas shopping during Prime Big Deal Days. Don’t wait for the Christmas rush and tick off your shopping list early. There are plenty of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and coding toys in Amazon’s STEAM store on sale, designed to mould your child’s mind in the most fun and interactive way possible.

Our picks include kits and activity sets suitable for pre-school and primary school, with screen-free options and building sets to spark curiosity and get them excited to explore.

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Prime Big Deal Days: Best Stem Toys For Kids

Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set

$64.98 $132.10 51% off with Prime

Ages: 5-10

This is a great way to get your kids away from the screen. Botley, a screen-free robot, teaches kids the basics of coding through active play, enhancing their problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

With 40 coding cards, 6 double-sided tiles and 27 obstacle building pieces, children can create custom obstacle courses for Botley to navigate using simple commands.

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Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set

Ages: 4-9

Another screen-free toy, kids can program a mouse to go through mazes they build. With lights, sounds and two speeds, the set makes learning coding hands-on and fun, helping kids develop critical thinking and get an early start in coding and engineering.

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Thames & Kosmos Kids First: Robot Safari

$26.68 $45.59 41% off with Prime

Ages: 5-7

Designed to start children on simple mechanical engineering concepts, this kit allows kids to construct 8 delightful, motorised robotic animals including a unicorn, narwhal and llama.

The 146-piece set not only supports the development of fine motor skills but also introduces basic STEM concepts through a 32-page storybook manual.

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Osmo Coding Starter Kit for iPad

Ages: 5-10

You’ll need an iPad (iOS 9 minimum) for this. Containing 31 coding blocks and stackable storage for game pieces, children can control Awbie, a playful character, guiding him through various adventures that teach coding and problem-solving skills.

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Elenco Snap Circuits Plus My Home Electronics Building Kit

$68.88 $145.74 53% off with Prime

Ages: 8 and over

This engaging kit offers 53 exciting STEM projects focusing on home-based electric circuits. From understanding power flow to exploring home security and infrared-controlled lighting systems, children dive deep into the electrifying world of circuits with over 70 colour-coded, snap-together building blocks.

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Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit for iPad

$79.93 $139.00 42% off with Prime

Ages: 3-5

Transform your tablet into a fun early learning tool for your child. Kids interact with physical pieces like cardboard costume pieces and silicone sticks/rings, and an iPad, diving into letters, phonics and creativity, while developing important skills like problem-solving and empathy through 4 engaging games.

Reviewers noted its engaging, easy-to-use design and loved how it made learning irresistible and fun.

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Thames & Kosmos Kids First Automobile Engineer Kit

$23.41 $41.09 43% off with Prime

Ages: 3 and over

In this award-winning blend of storybook and hands-on building set, children follow a funny story of a trip to the supermarket, building 10 vehicle models with 70 vibrant, chunky colour pieces designed for little hands. Perfect for developing fine motor and STEM skills through playful learning and creative construction.

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LeapFrog 2-in-1 LeapTop Touch

Ages: 2-5

This bestselling gadget morphs from a laptop to a touchscreen tablet, providing your pre-schooler with an engaging learning experience. With 26 animated critters, full A-Z keyboard and number buttons, this allows your kiddo to engage in activities that emulate adult tasks, like sending emails in a playful and imaginative way. Also on sale in pink.

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PicassoTile Design Artistry Magnet Building Tiles Set

Ages: 3 and over

This set of 42 magnetic 3D building blocks is perfect for young builders with big imaginations. With various vibrant shapes, the kit supports open-ended play, encouraging kids to create masterpieces while learning about colours, geometry and architectural design.

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Magna-Tiles 28-Piece House Set

Ages: 3 and over

Recognised as the original brand for magnetic building tiles, this set encourages your child’s creativity and supports the development of maths and spatial skills. These tiles offer endless building possibilities and building patterns, and includes 21 reusable stickers for extra fun and personalisation.

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