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In Pictures: LEGO Dreamzzz Nightmare Shark Ship (71469)


For those not in the know, the LEGO DreamZzz is an animated series that's available to stream onNetflix, Amazon Prime Video and will eventually make it way to YouTubeas well. For this feature, we take a look at theNightmare Shark Shipwhich bears the set number 71469.

And as you can see in the photo above, the Nightmare Shark Ship is quite something!


Firstly,the set contains 1,389 pieces, 6+ characters (LEGO says 4 minifigures; we’ll get to that), and has a fantastically-fun play element to it. For instance, on this side of the ship, there's a knob that turns that makes the shark's mouth chomps up and down.


As far as details go, the Nightmark Shark Ship is impressive. You can even reel in and retrieve the anchor on with another knob on the port side (hey, it's a ship after all).


I mentioned the set's rich play factor earlier, and here's another reason: shooting cannons on both sides of the ship!


Personally, I have not watched the animation but I know this is the Nightmare King. And he's quite simply one of the best minifiguresthat I’ve seen in quite a while. He has alternate facial prints, one more wrapped mummy. The dual-molded hair piece, with white shoulder length hair combined with a black high-pronged crown, inset with a nightmare eye, is a very cool piece.


The manual doesn't just show the building instructions, but a story to tell as well. Accordingly, the story in the build begins with Nova (pictured here) falling asleep and dreaming that her sweet little toy is taken over by a nightmare. This is really her bed in the dreams, but also a jail in her nightmare.


There are also very cool unique bricks, including this translucent one that's painted with glitters as well. This is one of two engines that powers that ship in the set's shark-ship build with full wing sails. The alternate mode is a shark-land-cruiser, which didn't quite appeal to me as much but probably has a better play factor since you or your kids could play the set on the floor.


Here's another look at the front of the engine. For a set that's catered to kids 10-years-old and above, the Nightmare Shark Ship set has some pretty 'adult-level horror' designs.


There are also a couple of hidden secrets (for kids to show off to their friends) of this set: here's one, a treasure box that is only revealed when the sterncastle is detached. Pushing the 'key hole' also lifts up the treasure box. Fun!


The sterncastlefeatures a big eye. Removing it allows you to open the deck, which reveals…


…some weapons, an hourglass sand time and Bunchu? The artwork in the instructions makes it pretty clear that Izzy is trying to get her blue bun-bun back.


I really enjoyed building the Nightmare Shark Ship.There’s plenty to be impressed by it, from the use of striking new elements to the ability to transform the monstrous vehicle into two different forms. Add in a uniquely-detailed minifigure collection and plenty of play potential and it’s easy to see this being an extremely popular LEGO set.


The engines are really myfavourite parts of the set. Here an additional photo that shows the engine in action; with a unique-looking brick depicting an afterburner.


The level of details of this set is stunning. Check out how the sterncastle is greebled with minifigure handcuffs and lanterns. There a stickers as well, but thankfully they are only just a handful.


Overall, the Nightmare Shark Ship is a very cool set to put together. The moving parts and hidden treasure add nice details to this ship. It also hasone of the most stunning bundledminifiguresof any sets that I've owned (or reviewed before). My only gripe is that the front part of the ship, around the jaw area, can be a little fragile and comes apart when playing with it (swooshing it, for instance) or just simply carrying it.

But this should detract from the fact the Nightmare Shark Ship is still a fantastic-looking set, for play or simply for display. It is available now for $239.90, at Bricks World or LEGO's official store at Shopeeand Lazada

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