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PlayStation 5 'Slim' console in pictures: Smaller and sleeker


Since the original PlayStation One 'Slim', Sony has consistently launched a sleeker and thinner version of its PlayStation consoles. So it's no surprised then, that three years after the original PlayStation 5 launch, the company has launched not one but two 'Slim' versions of the current-gen console.


At its core, the new consoles retain the same design DNA as the original PS5 – note the curves and position of the Blu-ray drives. This time, Sony has also released a PS5 Slim 'digital only' console (picture left), which comes without a built-in Blu-ray drive.


Sony claims the PS5 Slim is 'up to 30% smaller' in volume that the original PS5 console.


Here's a look from the side: The new consoles are not only slimmer but shorter too.


I find the PS5 Slim looks better when laid flat like this, and it even comes with a pair of plastic 'stands' to keep it balanced.


Here's a closer look at the new attachments, or 'legs'. They are removable by the way.


Both the digital-only PS5 and PS5 with Blu-ray drive are one and the same. Right at the back, there's the HDMI-out, LAN, two USB and a power connector.


On its front, the PS5 Slim consoles now sports two USB-C connections. The original PS5 sports one USB-A and one USB-C on the front panel.


The new PS5 (with Blu-ray drive) on the left is available for S$799, while the digital edition of the PS5 goes for S$669. But should you opt for the digital edition and then kind of regret not having a Blu-ray drive down the road, you can buy the Blu-ray drive separately forS$159.


But the Blu-ray drive isn't the only accessory available alongside the PS5 Slim consoles. Sony is also selling a separate vertical standfor S$44.90. It's a little disappointing that this isn't included in the new sets, when the original PS5 did come with its own stand out of the box.


But I've got to say the new vertical stand looks pretty good and feels solid. The PS5 Slim consoles stands well on its own when placed vertically, but the vertical stand will give your $799/$669 investment a better foundation.


Here's how the original vertical stand (for those who don't own the original PS5) looks like compared to the new model. There are two things you need to know: 1) The new vertical stand can be used on the original PS5 as well but 2) it does not hold the PS5 horizontally like the original stand could, so I don't see any compelling reasons why owners of the original PS5 would want to switch to the new vertical stand.


And here's how the vertical stand looks with the PS5 Slim.


Should you choose to upgrade the digital edition of the PS5 Slim, Sony sells the Blu-ray disc drive separately for S$159. Installation is a breeze, and is remarkably idiot-proof.


It also comes with a new panel and literally transforms it to a full-fledged PS5 Slim, which is also essentially a digital edition PS5 Slim with a Blu-ray drive slapped onto it (and paying S$29 less for it).


The PS5 Slim now has four side panels that can be removed; here's how the Blu-ray drive bay looks like on the digital edition. At the top, the standard PS5 Slim's Blu-ray drive is detachable too, and not hard-wired.


Here's how the digital edition of the PS5 Slim looks like with the drive installed. It's an extremely simple installation process that takes no more than a couple of minutes to complete.


As I mentioned earlier, all four side panels can be removable and I can also imagine this gives PS5 Slim owners more versatility in how they want to customise their console with different coloured panels (up to four different colours), and not just limited to two with the original PS5.


Thankfully, you can still add and install an SSD for additional storage with the new PS5 Slim consoles – and you should.


The new PlayStation 5 will be available in Singapore from 20 December 2023 with an SRP of S$799 for PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive and S$669 for PS5 Digital Edition through local retailers. Additionally, the Ultra HD Blu-ray-Disc Drive for the new PS5 Digital will be sold separately at S$159 and the new Vertical Stand(compatible with all PS5 models) will be sold separately at S$44.90.

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