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What to expect with HoYo Fest 2023 at Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2023

What to expect with HoYo Fest 2023 at Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2023

HoYo Fest 2023 at Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2023.

Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2023 (AFA Singapore 2023) is now happening at Suntec Convention Halls along Level 4.

Of its many highlights (including top-tier cosplayer booths, artists, and official merchandise across different anime and manga titles), is the HoYoVerse booth Hall 404 featuring HoYo Fest 2023.

Here’s what to expect and all the cool challenges and tasks you can do at the four miHoYo booth sections.

Genshin Impact (GI)

Show your in-game UID for goodies. Come in cosplay and your game account to get a special game fan.

Show the on-site staff your in-game UID, and you'll receive a random GI-themed hair accessory and a check-in stamp on your HoYoVerse stamp card.

Feeling lucky? Roll three dice at the booth.

If you want the special Primogem-themed hair accessory, you’ll need to get lucky and roll an Omni-element symbol with their custom-made eight-sided dice. You have three chances — only one of the three dice needs to get the Omni symbol.

You can receive a GI postcard if you answer the pop quiz correctly. Here’s a hint: the questions are related to quotes said by in-game characters!

If you show up in GI character cosplay with an Adventure Rank (Account Level) of 60, you get a free additional fan.

Photo booth opportunity with an in-game throne brought to life.

While optional, you can also sit on Furina’s floral throne for a photo opportunity.

All challenges and rewards are first come, first served.

Honkai: Star Rail (H:SR)

Honkai: Star Rail at AFA Singapore 2023.

Show your H:SR account (UID) and grab a free brochure. To get its postcard, you must follow H:SR’s official accounts on FaceBook and TikTok. Don’t forget your check-in stamp too.

For the H:SR bookmark, you must share H:SR photos at HoYo Fest 2023 with #HonkaiStarRail and #HoYoFest hashtags attached.

If you use a specific character (Jingliu) to clear a pre-selected Forgotten Hall stage at the booth itself (using the devices provided), you can get a highly coveted Hand Fan.

Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)

Photowall opportunity at ZZZ booth if you complete the check-ins.

This is where the check-in stamp comes in handy. If you show three or more check-ins on your stamped card here, you can take your photo at the ZZZ booth with its photo wall. A soft and hard copy of your photo will be issued to you on the spot.

Follow ZZZ’s official accounts on YouTube, Discord, and TikTok to get another ZZZ postcard.

Try out the closed beta at the Zenless Zone Zero booth.

You can also try this yet-to-launch game’s closed beta at the booth, and a successful play-test will net you a ZZZ game poster! Note that the videogame isn't officially launched yet, with several closed beta tests ongoing now.

Honkai Impact 3rd (HI3)

Honkai Impact 3rd.

Show the on-site staff your in-game bridge to get a HoYo Fest key visual character tattoo sticker set. Only 500 pieces are available per day at AFA Singapore 2023.

You can also follow the game’s Facebook page and leave comments on HoYo Fest posts to win a postcard (there are also only 500 pieces a day).

Play the game at the booth’s demo devices and win a poster. There are only 300 posters available per day.

For true fans, there is an on-site HI3 song-naming challenge. Correctly guess three songs and win a HI3 headwear accessory (200 pieces available per day only).

HoYoVerse merchandise store

HoYoVerse official merchadise pop-up store.

The merchandise store offers the typical array of game-specific merch as well as special HoYoVerse merchandise that cannot be easily purchased online.

The store follows a pre-queuing system to cut down on queues. Simply show up and collect a store ticket stub. The stub informs you of your shopping “timeslot”. Simply head back to the store during your timeslot, and you’ll be browsing the goods without needing to queue.

Each shopper can only make a maximum of 30 purchases in a single order. You are also limited to two pieces of the same merchandise.

Competition stage at the HoYoVerse booth, next to Zenless Zone Zero.

The booth also has an ongoing competitive stage, where attendees are randomly selected to complete specific challenges set by the emcee. Games can range from pure skill (clearing stages in the fewest number of turns) to pure luck (being the first to get a 5-star roll in the gacha). The winner gets something nice, which may change depending on the day or challenge type.

For more information about HoYo Fest 2023, visit here. More info about AFA Singapore 2023 can be found here.

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