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Hinomi X1 Ergonomic Office Chair review: An extraordinary 'office chair' for the home

Hinomi X1 Ergonomic Office Chair review: An extraordinary 'office chair' for the home

My initial encounter with the Hinomi X1 chair was marked by a blend of anticipation and curiosity. Having previously heard commendations about its predecessor, the Hinomi H1 Pro, I was keen to discover how the X1 would hold up in real-world usage. It’s not quite a gaming” branded chair like those from Secretlab or Razer, but Hinomi does place ergonomics and comfort as key tenets for their chairs.

The chair’s aesthetic is the first thing that catches the eye. The Hinomi X1, with its sleek design and modern contours, exudes a professional yet contemporary vibe. It's a piece of furniture that wouldn't look out of place in a high-end office or a tastefully decorated home study. That said, the grey model that Hinomi sent over for me to review will certainly look a little odd in an RGB-filled gaming-themed room, in my opinion.

The four-panel backrest is a standout feature of the Hinomi X1. Unlike traditional chairs that offer a monolithic back support, the X1’s segmented approach is innovative. Each panel is designed to cater to a specific area of the back. In use, this translated to a remarkable level of comfort and support. I noticed a significant reduction in the typical discomfort I experienced after long hours of sitting. The upper panels provided ample support for my shoulder and upper back area, a boon for those of us who tend to slouch after hours at a desk.

The chair’s stability and mobility is excellent too. The base felt robust and well-balanced, providing a secure foundation regardless of how much I leaned or shifted my weight. Comfort-wise, the seat woven mesh design truck a fine balance between firmness and softness, providing a comfortable seating experience without the sinking feeling that some heavily cushioned chairs can have.

For ergonomics, the lumbar support system of the X1 is a masterpiece of functionality. I like the adjustable lumbar support of Secretlab’s Titan Evo but found the 3D adjustability of the lumbar support on the X1 to be better at getting the exact contours of my back. I wouldn’t say this customisation is a game-changer for many, but if you are like me who has to wrestle with back issues,then the X1 could be the fix for those sore lower backs. The TPU material in this region offered a resilient yet gentle support, perfectly balancing the need for firmness and flexibility. This aspect of the chair proved to be great for me during extended periods of work, significantly enhancing my overall comfort and posture.

I also like the versatility in seating positions that the chair offers, which I felt stands out as a notable feature compared to the competitions. The X1 allows for a crazy number of adjustments to suit various activities – a locked upright position for maintaining posture, a reclined angle for more relaxed moments, and a unique retractable leg/footrest for those times when you wish to fully unwind. Initially, I found the leg rest slightly cumbersome, but as a footrest, it’s a different story. The comfort it provides while reclining, whether immersed in gaming or casually browsing on a phone, is appreciable. This discreet but effective design element, uncommon in many office or gaming chairs, adds a layer of functionality to the Hinomi X1, making it adaptable for both office and home environments.

Key to this versatility is the 6D armrests. Their adjustability in six dimensions – height, width, pivot, depth, and the unique vertical tilt feature – allowed me to tailor them to my exact preferences. Whether I was typing, reading, or using my smartphone, the armrests provided consistent support. This adaptability proved especially beneficial when I switched from work to leisure activities, such as gaming. The front-end 30-degree tilt and back-end 15-degree tilt options were particularly useful when engaging with mobile devices, providing a natural and comfortable arm position.

Despite these impressive features, I encountered a few challenges with the Hinomi X1. The sheer number of adjustable elements, while beneficial, also introduced a complexity that required a learning curve. Initially, I found myself fiddling with settings to find the perfect configuration, which can be a bit overwhelming for users who prefer a simpler, more intuitive setup. The vertical tilt feature of the armrests cannot be locked too, which can be distracting for users who want it to stay in place. It’s also worth pointing out that the X1 is only available in a woven mesh design – a material that I personally like, but I also know of many others who see this as a deal breaker.

Furthermore, the premium price point of the chair, while justifiable given its features and build quality, might be a deterrent for those on a tighter budget. Hinomi has priced the X1 with an SRP of $1,299, but has been known to cut it down to as low as $799 during sale festivals such as 10.10 or 11.11 so it’s worth keeping a watch for these price drops.

You can buy the Hinomi X1 ergonomic chair here.

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