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Logitech Zone Vibe Wireless review: Communication headset for the Zoom-in-a-hoodie generation

Zone Vibe Wireless

Source: Logitech

The Logitech Zone Vibe Wireless headset boasts a modern, lifestyle-oriented design that departs from the traditional corporate appearance of many communication headsets. Its sleek curves and lightweight build (coming in at just 185g) make it suitable for on-the-go professionals who demand style as well as substance. You can also watch the full video review linked below.

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Now, these headphones are primarily made of plastic, but it's worth noting that this doesn't diminish their build quality. They remain sturdy and solid despite their hollow-sounding ear cups when tapped. The ear cups offer a comfortable fit thanks to the memory foam padding, making it possible to wear them for extended periods without discomfort. Though I must say that this padding is pretty thin, you just won’t notice it because of how light the headphones are.

One particularly impressive design feature is the floating ear cupdesign, which provides a secure hold without feeling overly tight. While the long-term durability of this system remains uncertain, it currently contributes to the overall comfort of the headphones.

The Zone Vibe Wireless does pack powerful 40mm drivers, capable of providing sufficient audio quality for media consumption, making it possible to enjoy music, movies, or YouTube content during work breaks.

However, this design, while attractive and comfortable, raises concerns about noise isolation, an essential aspect of any effective communication headset. The Zone Vibe Wireless lacks active noise canceling features and struggles with passive noise isolation. This means that external sounds, even at moderate levels, can permeate the listening experience. The lightweight, hollow construction amplifies ambient noise, making it less suitable for noisy outdoor environments. So if you plan to use these while working at a cafe, or even double up as regular headphones outside, you’ll find the constant need to adjust volume up and down when you move between quiet and noisy locales.

The Logitech Zone Vibe Wireless prioritizes communication, offering MicrosoftTeams and UC certification for seamless integration with platforms like Zoom and Google Meet. The boom mic, equipped with beamforming and noise cancellation, delivers pretty good voice pickup, ensuring clear communication in various settings.

It does fall short in terms of advanced features. The Zone Vibe Wireless lack any sensors for automatic pause/play functionality when worn or removed. This absence can be frustrating for users accustomed to this convenience on higher-end headphones. But when youunderstand where the price point of these headphones are, this is a minor nitpick.

While the headphones do support Bluetooth multi-point connectivity, I’ve found it to aggressively prioritise your phone as the primary device over its own USB dongle even. So when I’m using my laptop and my phone rings or media is played on my phone, the Zone Vibe Wireless will immediately switch to my phone regardless of what’s happening on my laptop. This behaviour can be mitigated through settings in the Logitech Tune app, but cannot be fully resolved.

Source: Logitech

The choice to invest in the Zone Vibe Wireless should be determined by your specific requirements. If you prioritise style, comfort, and the ability to switch seamlessly between work and leisure, these headphones may be a suitable choice. It isdefinitely an upgrade over the usual call centre-styled headsets in terms of design, plus it haspowerful drivers and a good mic.However, if you frequently have to work in noisy environments outdoors and desire advanced features, you may want to explore other alternatives.

The Zone Vibe Wireless has a suggested retail price of S$199, but searching on Logitech’s website points you to a contact form.It can be bought directly on the Logitech Official Store on Shopee.

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