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AMD completes 4th-gen EPYC server CPU family with the new EPYC 8004 Series, codename Siena

AMD 4th-gen EPYC Siena

In November 2022, AMD launched the 4th-gen EPYC server CPU (codenamed Genoa) based on the Zen 4 architecture. In June 2023, AMD expanded their 4th-gen EPYC portfolio with two new CPUs: Genoa-X with 3D V-Cache, and Bergamo with a modified Zen 4c architecture.

And today, AMD released what they’re claiming to be the final piece of the 4th-gen EPYC server family, the EPYC 8004 Series processors (codenamed Siena). Siena will feature the same Zen 4c architecture introduced with Bergamo, and is optimised for Intelligent Edgecomputing. This makes a lot of sense as Zen 4c was designed for space saving computing density and power saving efficiency. With the Bergamo chip, this meant being able to achieve the same compute performance to competing solutions (Intel and Ampere), while using less servers, saving space, power, and reducing carbon footprint.

Siena on the other hand, is what AMD hopes to be the CPU of choice for edge devices on the cloud, such as retail and manufacturing terminals to telecommunications networking nodes. The concept is the same, an energy-efficient chip for devices with strict space and power constraints.

While Siena uses the same Zen 4c architecture as Bergamo, it does have a modified core that’s even more compact and requires a new ZP6 socket to mount. The Siena core will have lower total core count, memory channels, PCIe lanes, and TDP compared to Genoa. However, AMD claims 2x better SPECpower performance per system watt against competitors, and 1.8x total throughput performance per 8kW rack with an 8-core Sienna chip compared with similar 8-core processors.

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