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HomenewsWhatsApp adds “View Once” functionality to voice messages

WhatsApp adds “View Once” functionality to voice messages

WhatsApp adds “View Once” functionality to voice messages

WhatsApp expands View Once featre to voice messages.

WhatsApp today (7 December 2023) expanded on an existing feature, allowing users to send voice messages that can only be heard once.

According to an official statement by WhatsApp, View Once is an existing feature since 2021 and it applies to photos and videos sent over one-to-one messages and group chats.

Now, voice messages can also use the same View Once option, where the listener can play your voice message only once and it disappears right after.

WhatsApp View Once messages (photos, videos, voice messages) will have the same indicator so you know you can't view it again.

For clarity, voice messages that are View Once only will also come with the same View Once tag that accompanies such photos and videos. Like all communications on WhatsApp, it also enjoys end-to-end encryption.

View Once for voice messages will begin global rollout “over the coming days” to WhatsApp users, so be patient if the feature isn’t immediately available after you read this article.

To learn more about WhatsApp’s View Once mechanics, you can check out its FAQ page.

A feature-filled year for WhatsApp

WhatsApp has been aggressively expanding its feature setin 2023.

Earlier this month, it announced the ability to send original-quality photos and videos, albeit later than other instant messaging platforms. This was closely followed by an earlier unveiling of a new way to see Locked Chats.

Most of its features are centred arounduser privacy and accessibility. It also rolled out email verification for WhatsApp accounts (no longer limiting it to phone numbers or SMS verification).

Earlier this year, the app also gained the ability to accommodate 128 users in its Discord-like call function, called WhatsApp Voice Chat.

Also late to the instant messaging party was the ability to flit between two WhatsApp accounts on one phone, although this feature requires two SIM cards enabled simultaneously.

For businesses and users who go on WhatsApp to make online purchases and reservations, WhatsApp also added Flow, helping to create a smoother purchasing journey for both parties.

Its Channels private broadcast feature also got a global rollout. Previously it was unique only to Singapore and Columbia.

Apple users were also finally considered worthy of WhatsApp, with the chat app getting WhatsApp for macOS this year, too.

Higher-definition photos and videos can also be sent, regardless of your mobile platform (Android or iOS). Previously, WhatsApp capped the resolution at 480p; It has since been upgraded to 720p.

Other minor (but important) features that also appeared in 2023 include the ability to create group chats without names, a Screen Sharing tool, the ability to edit messages after sending,and even paying businesses and other users directly from the app, which supports PayNow.

All these features don't even yet include additions at the start of the year, like picture-in-picture video calls, an improved version of Status Update, getting to leave group chats without announcing it to the world, and more.

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