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HomenewsWhy your family will thank you for switching to StarHub’s UltraSpeed network

Why your family will thank you for switching to StarHub’s UltraSpeed network

Why your family will thank you for switching to StarHub’s UltraSpeed network

Credit: StarHub

Today’s digital world is one of high-definition 4K videos, live streaming for shopping, entertainment, study and work, as well as online gaming. These activities require massive amounts of data and collectively place a substantial burden on the network, which leads to frustrating moments of lag.

With an increasing number of connected devices and every family member vying for a slice of stable, high-speed bandwidth, a basic 1Gbps broadband connection just won't cut it for many households anymore.

If this feels familiar to you, StarHub’s UltraSpeed network is the magic bullet you need for your home.

Credit: StarHub

Next-gen homes require ultra-fast speeds

Imagine a world where everyone can simultaneously enjoy 4K Ultra-HD Netflix dramas or Premier League matches, live stream without glitches, play cloud-based games online, and attend online classes, while adults effortlessly manage remote work — all seamlessly and at the same time. This enhanced digital experience is not just limited to household members, but guests too. Visitors can enjoy seamless, rock-solid connectivity on their own devices, all thanks to a network designed to serve more devices and handle large data loads.

StarHub’s all-new UltraSpeed network, which features next-gen 10-XGS-PON technology, offers a reliable connection that is better, broader and stronger than conventional broadband networks. An enhancement of StarHub’s network technology, 10G-XGS-PON (which stands for 10 Gigabit Symmetrical Passive Optical Networks) lets broadband connections handle extremely large loads of data, and delivers it at much higher symmetrical speeds.

With a robust network that has enough bandwidth to serve the bandwidth-intensive needs of multiple users at the same time – be it for doing work, watching the TV, browsing the Web or gaming– the perennial issue of "hogging the Internet" will become a thing of the past.

Its status as the latestfibre broadband network also makes StarHub’s UltraSpeed Broadband ideal for new homes, especially for people who want a smart home setup. Smart homes require broadband connections with larger bandwidth capacities, as they have multiple connected devices such as the lights, air conditioners and appliances that need to be connected to the network at all times.

The high speed connection that StarHub’s Ultraspeed network offers is also perfect for people who want to monitor their homes in real time. With a speedier connection, CCTV footage can be live-streamed with less lag and clearer, sharper images so you can see what’s happening at home, or who’s at the door.

Credit: StarHub

Uploads and downloads need to be just as fast

Many people are familiar with the relationship between fast download speeds and a good Web browsing experience. With the symmetrical connection that StarHub’s Ultraspeed network provides, streaming movies and even live sports will look great on screen, as your connected devices such as smart TVs are able to download video footage faster, resulting in higher-quality images being displayed.

People who enjoy watching YouTube videos will also be happy to know that they can now watch their favourite clips in the highest video quality with no more buffering. Those who want to speed up a video can easily scrub the timeline and go to any part of the show quickly, with no need to wait for long loading times.

However, download speeds are just half of the story: upload speeds are just as important too. Many everyday tasks such as video calls, posting to social media, or backing up files to the cloud all require users to upload large amounts of data through their broadband connection, and a slow upload speed can be the cause for a lot of misery.

Traditional broadband networks have asymmetrical speeds, meaning that they have a faster download speed and a much slower upload speed. This limits the upload and download speeds for users, which may pose as a pain point especially when dealing with large files. The 10G-XGS-PON technology that powers StarHub’s UltraSpeed network boasts symmetrical download and upload speeds, so data travels just as fast both ways.

This is great news for content creators who are eager to post their latest TikTok videos or Facebook live streams, as they can share their content with little to no lag. For the worker bees, video calls and virtual meetings will be a more seamless experience, with much improved video and audio quality. Backing up files to the cloud will also be much faster, especially if you are uploading large files.

Credit: StarHub

Expert network optimisation

In a home where multiple devices are connected to the network, a well-optimised broadband connection can ensure outstanding performance. With StarHub’s Ultraspeed network, you will be getting the fastest broadband available, plus all the support you need to make sure WiFi coverage is optimised for your home.

Customers who are on StarHubbroadbandplans will have access to the telco’s team of Hub Troopers. On top of broadband installation, this specialised group of technical experts provide professional advice to optimise the WiFi coverage of your home broadband network, in-home technical support and troubleshooting for WiFi-related issues. Some of the crucial tasks they can help with include assessing a home network and then optimising WiFi coverage for speed and performance, as well as providing guidance on how to connect smart devices to the home network to make sure everything works well.

As the digital world becomes increasingly a part of our everyday lives, so is our need to be always connected. While a conventional Internet connection would have served us well in the past, the current generation of entertainment offerings, lifestyle apps, as well as digital collaboration tools for work, all require a reliable, high-speed network.

If you are still on a traditional broadband plan, this may be a good time for an upgrade. StarHub’s next-gen Ultraspeed network, with its broader bandwidth, symmetrical upload and download speeds, and ability to handle large traffic loads, will serve families and households of all sizes well for years to come.

For a limited time only, don’t miss out on enjoying over $5,000 worth of savings with the HomeHub+ UltraSpeed bundle that includes UltraSpeed 10Gbps Broadband, Premier League, Netflix Premium, Disney+, Amazon Prime and more at only S$87.96/month (U.P S$219.90/month)!Sign up for StarHub UltraSpeed Broadband today.

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