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HomenewsWi-Fi connection problems? This nifty app can help you fix them

Wi-Fi connection problems? This nifty app can help you fix them

Wi-Fi connection problems? This nifty app can help you fix them

Internet connection issues can be a major mood dampener, especially when it gets in the way of you playing an online game, watching your favourite streaming programs, or browsing the Web.

But many of these problems may have nothing to do with the internet connection provided by your internet service provider (ISP), and are often caused by other factors such as one’s home environment or placement of the router, which can negatively affect Wi-Fi signals.

Now, a new app named RouteThis Helps, offers users the promise of swiftly diagnosing and rectifying Wi-Fi connection problems within their homes. This collaborative effort between the local ISP ViewQwest and the Canadian software company RouteThisaims to assist regular users in resolving the majority of Wi-Fi issues with just a few clicks. This eliminates the necessity of calling the technical support hotline and more importantly solving issues fast.

Fix your own Wi-Fi: No technical knowledge required

A slow or spotty Wi-Fi connection is usually the result of data transfer degradation, which is the weakening of the Wi-Fi signal that sends data from the router to your device.

Data degradation can be caused by hardware and software problems, or an increase in the number of devices that are connected to the router. For example, having too many devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network will bog down the internet connection, thus reducing the speeds at which each device can receive data.

Physical obstructions are another common cause for data degradation. Walls, doors, and furniture can get in the way of Wi-Fi signals and cause interference. The internet connection can be improved by setting up the router in a more suitable location, or by moving away items that may be obstructing Wi-Fi signals.However, without technical knowledge, it is difficult for layman users to pinpoint the exact cause of the data degradation problem in their homes and troubleshoot them.

With the RouteThis Helps app, available on the AppStore and Google Play,all you need to do is open up the app, run a network scan, and let it do all the problem-solving at the touch of a finger. Once the RouteThis Helps app completes a diagnostic scan of your home Wi-Fi network, it analyses the results and compares the data to millions of home network scans to pinpoint the cause of the network issue.

This lets the app make very accurate and concise diagnoses of your home network issues, as well as come up with step-by-step instructions on how to resolve them. You do not have to be a techie to follow the instructions either, as each self-help solution is presented with clear diagrams and descriptions at each step of the way.

Get a tech expert to help instantly, without a site visit

Complicated Wi-Fi network issues that require help from the professionals often mean a long wait for a technician to do a house visit. But ViewQwest subscribers can use the RouteThis Help app to get assistance from a qualified tech expert on the spot and have their problems resolved quickly, without the need to wait for a scheduled on-site visit.

When the RouteThis Helps app cannot resolve one’s Wi-Fi issues via the self-help solutions, you can easily call ViewQwest’s round-the-clock tech-support hotline via the app. To help address and fix the issue faster, the app will send real-time data to assist the tech-support agent.

Through the app, you will have the option to speak directly to the tech expert via video call, and the tech support team can remotely evaluate your home environment and set up, and access your Wi-Fi settings to deploy fixes. As no on-site visit is needed, you can get your Wi-Fi connection issues resolved and get back online much faster than before.

With the RouteThis Helps app, solving internet connection and Wi-Fi network issues have been made simple. The app is available to all ViewQwest broadband customers free of charge. Other users can also download and access the app’s network scanning and diagnostic tool, but with limited features.

To get all the features that RouteThis Helps has to offer, sign up for a home fibre broadband plan with ViewQwest from $28.99/mth today.

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