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HomenewsFinally, YouTrip adds Google Pay compatibility

Finally, YouTrip adds Google Pay compatibility

Finally, YouTrip adds Google Pay compatibility

YouTrip welcomes Google Pay as a partner for mobile payments.

Android phone users can now tie their YouTrip cards to their phones and pay by tapping via the phone’s NFC.

YouTrip officially announced its compatibility with Google Pay today (6 December 2023), just about four months after the cross-border payments provider made the same feature available via Apple Pay.

This new functionality lets Android phone users use YouTrip for mobile contactless payments, especially for travellers or holidaymakers who enjoy this digital wallet’s zero-fee exchange rates across 150 currencies worldwide.

All of YouTrip’s core features remain the same. YouTrip users still get one virtual and one physical card for payments, and you still put cash into your YouTrip’s wallet before you start swiping or tapping it on payment terminals at home, or overseas.

"We are thrilled to partner with Google Pay, bringing even greater convenience to our users' payment experiences in our current smartphone-centric world. This integration aligns with our mission to empower individuals with the smartest, most secure and hassle-free way to pay. As we continue to innovate, users can look forward to more features that seamlessly match their evolving needs and preferences,” said Caecilia Chu, Co-Founder and CEO of YouTrip.

How to add a YouTrip card to Google Pay

Paying using YouTrip, but through your Android phone's payment communicator instead.

According to YouTrip, you can add both its virtual card and physical card to your Google Pay account. However, YouTrip recommends using the virtual card for Google Pay, so you can keep both cards separate and safe. The cards can be independently locked and renewed in the event of any compromise.

To add a YouTrip card to Google Pay, go inside the app and tap on your Google Pay profile picture in the top right corner. Next, select the Payment Method that says “debit/credit card”. In the following menu, select “add credit or debit card”.

Users can scan the physical card or manually key in their physical/virtual card details (i.e. Name, PAN, CVV, Expiry date). Confirm and verify these details via its preferred authentication method, and you are good to go.

If you're new to YouTrip, you can pair the virtual card to your Google Pay account first, even before the physical card arrives in the mail.

YouTrip also has these steps listed on its FAQ if you need further clarification.

iPhone users have had Apple Pay compatibility with both YouTrip card types since August 2023.

Celebratory cashback campaign

YouTrip's cashback campaign is valid for the first 8,000 mobile contactless users, details below.

To celebrate its compatibility with Google Pay, YouTrip is running a mobile contactless cashback campaign in Singapore called “Tap and ‘Trip It All Day”. This campaign is open to YouTrip users paying digitally through either Apple Pay or Google Pay.

The first 8,000 users to complete 10 mobile contactless payments through these payment communicators can get a S$5 cashback.

The first 8,000 users who make their first YouTrip mobile contactless payment (ever) get an additional S$2 cashback.

This campaign is on top of existing, routine promotions found in-app, under YouTrip Perks.

If you want to know about YouTrip features beyond its multi-currency use and zero-exchange fees, check out its revamp through our article here.

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